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Valley Pool Table

For well over 50 years, Valley has been the industry leader in the Coin-Operated Pool Table Market. Valley's quality, reliability and durability give the operator the much-needed return on investment around which he can build his route, while Valley's playability makes our table I am including all our pool sticks and pool stick holder, balls etc.

Some Valley Pool Table features include:

Coin Operated Pool Table

We will providing links, reviews, tips, and resources for purchasing new and used coin operated pool tables. We put a couple overviews of different tables available.

DYNAMO Coin Operated Pool Table w/ pool light and accessories (4 sticks, 5 stick chalk, balls, ball rack, hand chalk), Eagle Coin Operated pool table without pool light and accessories (4 sticks, 5 cue chalk, balls, ball rack and hand chalk)

I have an 8- 10 year old dynamo pool table for sale, I bought this table in may of 2009 from aj gills billiard supply, aj gills billiard supply is a very well known billiard supply shop, at that time the table had new charcoal felt and rails installed, the coin mechanism was also gone through at that time, aj gills does not sell anything without making sure everything is functioning properly. The table comes with 4 very straight and in good shape house style pool cues, also included will be a bridge stick, a horse hair cleaning brush, 2 triangle racks, a 9 ball rack, a cue rack and a complete set of balls.

This is a nice, 7 foot, 1piece slate, COIN OPERATED, Valley Pool table. It is in amazing shape, used as a home table not in a tavern. It looks to have been made in 1999, and cost over $2000.00 when new.

7ft Bar-room Coin Operated Pool Table, Coin Mechanism, very nice Bud pool table light, and more.

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